Smokefree Playgrounds: Survey Summary

Survey 2018 Summary

Between May and August 2018, ASH Ireland carried out a survey of City and County councils in Ireland about Smokefree policy, practice, signage and bye-laws in playgrounds under their control.

Four questions were asked about smokefree playgrounds:

1.     What percentage of the playgrounds under your control are entirely smokefree?

2.     If not 100%, has a decision been made to make the others smokefree and when can we expect this to be in place?

3.     You might also let us know please if your council has erected smokefree signage in the children’s playgrounds and, if not, we request that you would consider doing so.

4.     Have any changes been introduced to the park bye-laws, so as to legislate locally for smokefree playgrounds?


1. 16 of 20 Councils that provided information reported that their playgrounds are 100% smokefree, representing 52% of all Councils or 80% of those that responded.

2. No Council answered directly, possibly because the great majority of those that replied had 100% smokefree playgrounds.

3. Seventeen (55%) Councils reported that signage had been erected in all (10) or some (7) playgrounds.

4. Five (16%) Councils reported that they had introduced bye-laws regarding smokefree playgrounds.

For full survey results, see separate post.

Joan Hanafin