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Smokers twice as likely to die within a year as non-smokers

Report from the Society of Actuaries in Ireland finds that, at any given age between 40 and 80, smokers are
twice as likely to die within a year as non-smokers. 8:

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Cigarette smoking trends in Ireland

Latest data collected by the HSE on key smoking patterns in Ireland in 2018:

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Effects of smoke-free legislation in Ireland
Reductions in tobacco smoke pollution and increases in support for smoke-free public places following the implementation of comprehensive smoke-free workplace legislation in the Republic of Ireland: findings from the ITC Ireland/UK Survey. Fong GT, Hyland A, Borland R, et al. Tobacco Control 2006;15:iii51-iii58.


Electronic Cigarette Use among Irish Youth: A Cross Sectional Study of Prevalence and Associated Factors

Latest research conducted by the TFRI on the use of electronic cigarettes among young people in Ireland


Indoor Air Pollution and Health

A report finding that tobacco smoke is the biggest home pollutant in Ireland. For full report:


Reductions in Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular, and Respiratory Mortality following the National Irish Smoking Ban: Interrupted Time-Series Analysis

A study which shows that 3,726 smoking related deaths have been prevented in Ireland, since the introduction of the workplace smoking ban in March 2004.  For full report:


How smoke-free laws improve air quality: A global study of Irish pubs 

A study conducted between January 2004 and March 2006 on the air quality in smoke-free pubs and smoking-permitted pubs.  Results found that air pollution in Irish pubs was 93% lower in smoke-free pubs than in smoking permitted pubs.  Full report:


Second hand smoke exposure in cars and respiratory health effects in Children.  Kabir, Z., Manning, P.J., Holohan, J., Keogan, S., Goodman, P.G. Clancy, L.  2009.

A report which found that one in seven Irish schoolchildren are exposed to second-hand smoking in cars.  For full report: