About ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation

What does ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation do?

ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation is the only national voluntary organisation in Ireland working solely to reduce tobacco use and associated disease, disability and death. ASH Ireland continually highlights issues which will assist in denormalising smoking and advocates for changes in relevant legislation. ASH Ireland persistently emphasises the key facts about smoking, in particular that 1 in every 2 people who smoke will die from smoking. ASH Ireland constantly raises issues highlighting the behaviour of the highly profitable Tobacco Industry.

What has ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation achieved to date?

ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation has been involved in the development of every initiative to restrict smoking and tobacco in Ireland since 1992. This includes the banning of tobacco advertising in all print and electronic media, the banning of smoking in the workplace, the removal of tobacco advertising and promotion from all retail outlets, on-going price increases on tobacco, and the decision to ban smoking in cars transporting children. Through its informed media spokespeople, ASH has contributed to the change in attitude to smoking in Ireland.

ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation’s Vision and Mission

ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation’s vision is a tobacco-free Ireland. Our mission is to work towards eliminating tobacco use in Ireland.

ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation’s Values


We will act with integrity at all times. We will conduct our business with partners and funders in an honest, transparent and accountable manner.


In order to improve public health, we will collaborate actively with relevant organisations, government departments, agencies and community groups to advance our mission. We value the opportunities for empowerment and shared learning arising from collaboration.


We will ensure that Board membership continues to reflect the range of skills and experience required to fulfil our mission to an excellent standard.

We will ensure that our policies are informed by a sound evidence base, drawing on the findings of quality Irish and international research.


We understand the addictive power of tobacco and the challenge of quitting for those already addicted. We also appreciate the deadly lure of smoking for children and young people. We will support policies that promote smoking cessation, and will maintain a particular focus on protecting children and young people.

Children’s Rights

We support actively the rights of children to grow up free from tobacco addiction and environmental tobacco smoke. We support the aim that, by 2025, no child starts smoking.


We will ensure that the Board’s governance and stewardship is in accordance with best practice. Specifically, we will:

  • Develop a three-year strategic plan, and yearly business plans.
  • Set policies and ensure effective planning.
  • Monitor and strengthen tobacco control programmes.
  • Seek the financial and human resources necessary to deliver our mission.
  • Provide proper financial oversight.
  • Maintain a competent and informed Board.
  • Seek to enhance the organisation’s public standing.

ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation’s Aims

ASH Ireland’s specific aims direct its work towards reducing the impact of disease, disability and death caused by tobacco use in Ireland.

1.     We aims to enhance the education of the public concerning all aspects of tobacco control and the harmful effects of all forms of tobacco and nicotine consumption.

2.     We encourage research into cigarette smoking and all forms of tobacco use to be conducted within Ireland. ASH Ireland actively disseminates relevant research to the general public, media and health professionals.

3.     We will assist in preserving and protecting public health by participating in relevant public health campaigns.

4.     We will advocate for evidence-based measures to reduce the prevalence of tobacco use, such as eliminating all forms of tobacco advertising and promotion, and the implementation of an appropriate tobacco taxation policy.

5.     We will continue to campaign for a smoke-free environment for all.

6.     We will assist in providing an action-oriented information resource through a dedicated website and other communication channels.

7.     We will assist in broadening the base and skills of individuals involved in tobacco control through proactive networking.

8.     We will liaise with relevant international bodies, and where appropriate, will be represented on those bodies.

9.     We will assist in the provision of activities in furtherance of the above aims.

10.  We will continually monitor the activities of the tobacco industry, and take appropriate action.

ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation’s Background

ASH Ireland was established in 1992 by the Irish Heart Foundation and the Irish Cancer Society.

Where does ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation get its funding?

The Irish Heart Foundation has funded ASH Ireland’s activities from its inception. In 2018, ASH Ireland became an official council of the Irish Heart Foundation.

Visit the Irish Heart Foundation website.

Is ASH Ireland a registered charity?

Yes. ASH Ireland is a registered charity and complies fully with all Companies Registration Office regulations. ASH Ireland’s accounts are audited annually and are available for inspection at the Companies Registration Office.