Quitting Smoking

Nearly 70% of smokers wish to quit.  Thousands of smokers actually manage to quit every year so it is entirely possible.  As nicotine creates an addiction people who quit will experience some level of withdrawal symptoms which pass in a relatively short period of time and after this, with determination and with assistance from the National Smokers Quitline, or www.quit.ie, the quitting process can and does become permanent.  All of us in ASH Ireland appreciate how difficult it is to quit.  However, we urge people to continually try to quit and to set quitting dates such as 1st January or ASH Wednesday and also to recognise that most smokers will not quit at the first attempt, so don’t give up.  The most important factor in quitting is a firm decision to stop smoking and the realisation of the health and indeed financial benefits which will accrue almost immediately.

Many people have managed to quit by contacting and receiving assistance from the National Smokers Quitline on 1800 201 203) and also logging on to www.quit.ie  where you can get details of contact numbers for Smoking Cesssation Support Services all around Ireland.

Advice is offered in regard to quitting and staying off cigarettes which is an important aspect of the overall quitting process.  Many people also use various interventions.


If you are pregnant and want to quit smoking, read more here:



Helpful websites for young people who want to stop smoking: