Visitors to this site may also be interested in the following organisations:

Irish Heart Foundation

The Irish Heart Foundation is the only national voluntary organisation in Ireland working to reduce premature death and disability from heart disease and stroke through research, education and community service. The Irish Heart Foundation co-founded ASH Ireland in 1992 and has funded ASH Ireland since that time.

The mission of the Irish Heart Foundation is to affect positive change in the lifestyles of Irish people, to achieve better outcomes for those affected by heart disease and stroke and to challenge when the health of our nation is put at risk.


Alpha One Foundation

The Alpha One Foundation was established in 2001 to promote research into Alpha 1, to improve diagnosis, treatment and to improve life expectancy and lifestyle of people with this condition. 


Asthma Society of Ireland

The Asthma Society of Ireland is a national voluntary association of people with asthma, their parents, medical personnel and all those with an interest in the condition. ASH Ireland works in partnership with the Asthma Society in the Medical Research Charities Group.


Department of Health and Children

The Department of Health’s statutory role is to support the Minister for Health and Children in the formulation and evaluation of policies for the health services.


Health Promotion Unit

Established in 1998, the Health Promotion Unit (of the Department of Health and Children) is concerned with policy development, research and evaluation, raising awareness of lifestyle issues through information campaigns and educating the general public through leaflets and other such information.


Health Research Board

The Health Research Board’s (HRB) mission is to improve health through research and information. The HRB believe that research and information improve health, combat disease, reduce disability and enhance the quality and equity of healthcare in Ireland.


Health Services Executive

The HSE is a large organisation of over 100,000 people, whose job is to run all of the public health services in Ireland. The HSE manages services through a structure designed to put patients and clients at the centre of the organisation.


Institute of Public Health

The Institute of Public Health, funded by the Department of Health and Social Services and Public Safety in Northern Ireland and the Department of Health and Children in the Republic of Ireland, was established in 1999 to promote co-operation for public health on the island of Ireland.


Irish Cancer Society

The Irish Cancer Society is the national charity dedicated to preventing cancer, saving lives from cancer and improving the quality of life of those living with cancer through patient care, research and education. The Irish Cancer Society co-founded ASH Ireland in 1992 with the Irish Heart Foundation. is Ireland’s independent health website, designed to offer users a comprehensive yet easy to use online source of medical and healthcare information and up-to-the-minute health news.


Irish Lung Health Alliance

The Irish Lung Health Alliance is a group of Irish charities that have joined forces to promote healthy lungs with four simple messages:

1.      Lung disease can affect anyone regardless of age, health status and walk of life.

2.      Symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough and wheeze are not normal and should be checked with your GP.

3.      Lung disease is treatable – the earlier you treat the better.

4.      Keep lungs healthy – don’t smoke and stay active.


Lupus Group Ireland

Lupus Group Ireland was established in November 2011 as a support and awareness network for people who suffer with the condition Lupus.  Lupus Group Ireland is the first support network of its kind for Lupus in Ireland. With Lupus the condition changes daily, one day can be a great day, the next can be a struggle to get dressed or even walk from one room to the other which is why such an interactive 24/7 support network is vital for a person suffering with Lupus.


Medical Research Charities Group

The Medical Research Charities Group is an alliance of charities that fund and promote biomedical research in Ireland. ASH Ireland is one of 18 member organisations at present.


Smoking and Mesothelioma

Patients who are diagnosed with mesothelioma and who have a history of smoking may improve their life expectancy by quitting. Smoking and Mesothelioma are not directly linked but it does have an effect on a patient’s ability to fight the disease and quitting can have a significant impact on your prognosis.

Mesothelioma is a terrible cancer that affects around 3,000 Americans each year. Mesothelioma Help provides appropriate information to families about mesothelioma treatment options to empower them to participate in making the decisions about their care, and to offer some measure of hope and support.


National Tobacco Control Office

The Office of Tobacco Control is a statutory body, set up following recommendations made in the Tobacco Free Policy Review Group’s report “Towards a Tobacco Free Society” (2000). The Office advises the Minister for Health and Children, consults with national and international bodies on developments in tobacco control and organises and disseminates research.


TobaccoFree Research Institute

The Institute is a limited company formed on the basis of a partnership between the Office of Tobacco Control, ASH Ireland, the Irish Cancer Society and the Irish Heart Foundation. The Institute aims to form a transdisciplinary academic community around the issue of tobacco control and to support the development of a tobacco free society by engaging in all aspects of tobacco from a public health perspective.  The Director General is Professor Luke Clancy.


Stamp Out Smoking 2030

SOS2030 is an international campaign to have governments commit to the banning of all commerce in tobacco by the year 2030.  SOS2030 believes that tobacco commerce is evil, unethical and immoral. Now is the time to declare that it should and will be illegal.  SOS2030 also believes that a 2030 deadline providess more than adequate time for tobacco farmers to adapt to other crops, crops which an increasingly food-short world will urgently need. It will provide more than adequate time for tobacco companies to re-tool their factories, and for hedge-funds and other investment entities to divest and reinvest their portfolios.


Tobacco Free Ireland Programme

The Tobacco Free Ireland (TFI) Policy document was developed by the Department of Health in 2013. This government strategy (2013 – 2025) has a number of cross governmental actions which are based on the six national standards based on the WHO report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic 2008. This report outlines the MPOWER package i.e. six of the most important, effective and evidenced based tobacco policies which are listed below.

  • Monitoring of tobacco use and prevention policies
  • Protecting people from second-hand smoke
  • Offering help to people who want to quit
  • Warning of the dangers of tobacco
  • Enforcing bans on advertising, promotion and sponsorship
  • Raising taxes on tobacco

The direction given in this policy report seeks to de-normalise tobacco within Irish society, reduce initiation rates, assist smokers to quit, protect non smokers, especially children, from the effects of second hand smoke, by building a stable policy and legislative framework.