ASH Ireland welcomes major international conference on tobacco to Dublin in 2021

ASH Ireland welcomes the ‘The World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH)’ to Dublin in 2021. All involved are to be congratulated on winning the bid for a major international conference, which will bring over 2,500 delegates to Dublin. The Dublin success was announced at the end of the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health, held in South Africa last weekend.

Dr Patrick Doorley, Chairman of ASH Ireland said today, “The successful bid by Dublin for this international conference in many ways reflects the success of the fight against tobacco and nicotine in this country. We have been world leaders in this critical health battle for well over a decade – and this conference will copper fasten all that has been achieved.”

Dr Doorley went on to say, “This success will also ensure that we don’t become complacent on tobacco issues. Close to 6,000 of our citizens die from tobacco related disease annually and our annual spend on treating this disease in enormous – at least €1.5bn annually, when all related factors are considered. The tobacco industry will always put profit ahead of people and health – so we must continue the fight to create a tobacco-free society in Ireland.”