Statement from ASH Ireland – UK Cancer Research Report, published 7th February 2017

Dr Patrick Doorley, Chairman of ASH Ireland said: “ASH Ireland welcomes this report published today on vaping by Cancer Research UK. All additional research information on this relatively new product is to be welcomed, especially from well-established and credible bodies who do not have a vested interest.”

Dr Doorley continued, “It is particularly interesting that the research found that after six months, people who switched from real to e-cigarettes had far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances in their bodies than continual smokers.  However it should be noted that there was little difference in levels between cigarette-only users and those who continued using real cigarettes alongside vaping.

“The study shows that when compared with full-time smokers, e-cigarette-only users had 97pc lower levels of one toxic chemical, NNAL, that is strongly associated with lung cancer. We must not lose sight of the fact that e cigarette users are still digesting a certain, if reduced level of toxic chemicals and we need longer term research to realise the full implications of this fact.”