Ban on smoking in cars with children

Here is the full response from ASH Ireland Chairman Dr Patrick Doorley when it was put to him by the Irish Daily Mail that no charges have been brought on ‘smoking in cars with children’ since its inception.

Dr Patrick Doorley, Chairman of ASH Ireland, said: “ASH Ireland has no information to suggest that the ban on smoking in cars with children is being ignored. We were first to propose this ban in 2008 and we are very pleased that it is now in place. Most people comply with sensible health legislation and we would expect that significantly less children are being exposed to tobacco smoke in motor vehicles since the ban was introduced last year.

“Prior to the ban, one in seven Irish children was being exposed to tobacco smoke in cars, which was totally unacceptable. We expect that research will be conducted shortly on the level of levels of adherence with the ban, and we would expect a positive outcome. ASH Ireland will be keeping this issue under review.”


Dr Doorley is quoted in today’s Irish Daily Mail article.