20 a day costs the smoker close to €3,500 annually

As we approach ASH Wednesday – a time when many smokers will be attempting to quit; it may be a time to highlight the annual financial cost of smoking to the individual smoker. The 20 a day smoker will spend close to €3,500 annually on cigarettes. This is a significant cost which most smokers would definitely wish to avoid. The 20 a day smoker can expect to spend close to €200,000 on cigarettes in the course of a lifetime.

Dr Ross Morgan, Chairman of ASH Ireland said today, “Ash Wednesday is the day chosen by many people to quit smoking. We encourage all smokers to realise that quitting is possible, and for most success will not be achieved at the first attempt. The main benefits to the person who quits smoking are in the area of health – and these benefits emerge very soon after quitting. There are also the financial considerations; the 20 a day smoker will spend roughly €3,500 annually on cigarettes. Much of this cost is on taxes and the remainder enhances the profits of the tobacco industry. I encourage smokers, the vast majority who want to quit, to consider quitting – and this is a good time to make that key decision”.

The national smokers Quitline can be contacted on 1800 201 203.

Various items of research shows that up to 70% of smokers wish to quit at any given time. Despite the well-established addiction to nicotine, many smokers quit each year. The key to quitting is the personal decision to quit. We advise people to seek the assistance of their GP, the support of family and friends and to consider the use various nicotine replacement therapies, which are now available.

The established smoker smokes to satisfy an addiction and in doing so contributes to the massive profits of the tobacco industry, who themselves are well aware of the addiction versus profit connection.

Dr Morgan concluded by saying, “If the smoker can make that key decision to quit and break the link with the addiction to nicotine, both health and financial benefits will quickly follow”.



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