Majority of County and City Councils go ‘Smoke-free’ in Children’s Playgrounds

ASH Ireland contacted all County and City Councils two years ago encouraging them to voluntarily introduce smoke-free playgrounds in their local areas.  There has been a hugely positive response to this request.

Dr Ross Morgan said today “we can now confirm that 75% of County Councils and 60% of City Councils have decided to introduce smoke-free playgrounds in response to our request.  This is a most positive response and we fully appreciate that this initiative has been taken voluntarily by these bodies, not requiring any changes in local or national regulations.  Many County Councils have either implemented a non-smoking policy or have made a decision to proceed with this initiative in the near future.  We do hope that all County and City Councils will embrace and implement this initiative in the near future”.


Young people are influenced by the normalisation of smoking.  When smoking for adults is restricted, especially in areas used by children, this not just creates a cleaner and healthier environment, but also has an impact in regard to the denormalisation of tobacco.  Tobacco litter is well established as being our main urban waste; and it is important that this waste does not form part of our children’s play areas.

ASH Ireland also welcomes some indications that our third level sector may be positively examining the ‘smoke-free campus’ initiative. Dr Ross Morgan said today, “we raised the ‘smoke-free campus’ idea with all our third level colleges in 2011, on the basis that this has now become a major health initiative in the United States – and would be a major statement in the denormalisation of tobacco and smoking. We again urge all our third level colleges to introduce smoke-free campuses and lead the way with this initiative in Europe”.


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